Our perceptions of existence are bound by our humanity. These limitations prevent us from comprehending the greater resonance of our actions. My sculptures suggest an uneasy continuum between the known and unknown, as well as the controlled and controlling elements of the world that surrounds us. These shapes abstract the glacial ice sheets, fragments, and crevasses encapsulating the increasingly ephemeral quality of nature’s assumed permanence and resilience.

While the sculptures are formally rooted in geometric form, minimalism and color field painting, the political environmental subtext creates the final outcome through the convergence of our actions with nature’s reaction. This cause and effect influence the sculpture’s formal qualities, like the brilliant colors at sunset or the beautiful rainbows that pool in the ocean’s shoreline, both caused by pollution. 

Personally, these sculptures are that quiet moment of resignation, when acceptance and peace are almost final. Terribly, there is a beauty in watching our own destruction and that of all things as it manifests as our destiny.

Dameon Lester abstracts geologic and glacial peculiarities, complex topographies approximated as mesh polysurfaces; reduced, simplified till they resemble the micro-crystals that make up the macro-phenomenon. These shards are further complicated in their material construction, color and texture; dark and light, shiny and matte, paper and plywood, their individual faces failing to join in a complete whole. The works are at once familiar, from their post-minimalist precedents to the consistency of their digital* origins, but difficult to read.
— DeWitt Godfrey

* No computers were used in the making of this work.



Photos by Rebecca Marino