Dameon Lester’s work resides in the space of tension between ordered perfection and disordered detritus in the natural world. Elegant sculptural forms, which at first appear flawless in their careful patterning and rigorous manufacture, upon closer inspection reveal subtle disruptions or surprising deviations. Through a labor-intensive and repetitive process, Lester transforms simple craft materials like pipe cleaners or plywood into dimensionally patterned vessels and geometric landscapes. Lester combines his interest in recycled and devalued materials with an instinctive practice that build upon itself, compelling the base units of his constructions to multiply and proliferate rhizomatically.

These evocative forms resonate with minimalism, modernist design, and color field painting, while also engaging the open-celled skeletal structure of Radiolaria, microscopic plankton-like creatures that date to the Paleozoic era. There is not a simple aesthetic dichotomy between human production and the natural world, both realms control, influence, and bleed into each other. Vacillating between domestic objects and mysterious natural phenomena, Lester’s sculptures suggest an uneasy continuum between the known and unknown, as well as the controlled and controlling elements of the world that surrounds us.